HM-bar, twisted integral homology, and Hirsch algebras

HM-bar, twisted integral homology, and Hirsch algebras

Mike Miller Eismeier, Columbia University

Online Talk

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We give a completely algebraic formula for HM-bar(Y, s; A) for any 3-manifold Y and spin^c structure s, as well as any local coefficient system A (it is isomorphic to an algebraically determined group we call extended cup homology). This formula resembles, but is somewhat more complicated than, the expected formula in terms of "cup homology"; however, computer calculations suggest these may still be noncanonically isomorphic. 

The proof requires we pass through three ideas: twisting sequences, a simple kind of Maurer-Cartan element which lets us define a Z/2-graded twisted homology group, and their homotopical properties; Hirsch algebras, dg-algebras with operations asserting that the product is homotopy-commutative, and this homotopy commutator operation is associative up to coherent homotopy; and combinatorics of subsets of {1, ..., n} which corresponds to a Hirsch algebra structure on a minimal model for the n-torus.