Fibered Knots

Margaret Doig, Princeton University
Fine Hall 314

A fibered knot is a knot whose complement can be filled "nicely" by copies of an oriented surface bounded by the disk, i.e., is filled by $S^1$ copies of $D^2$ (in fact, this fibration is globally trivial: $S^3-K\wedge S^1\times D^2$). By the time the pizza is all eaten, we should even be able to understand Milnor's construction of a fibration of the $(p,q)$ torus knot by surfaces of genus $(p-1)(q-1)/2$. You may care about fibered knots if you have ever been or will ever be interested in any of the following:hyperbolic structures
algebraic knots and links
unbranched cyclic covers
open book decompositions