Equivariant formality for cyclic group actions on real moment-angle complexes

Sergio Chaves, University of Rochester

Zoom link: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/92116764865

Passcode: 114700


Equivariant formality for locally standard torus and elementary abelian 2-group on a manifold has been already established in terms of the face acyclicity of the orbit space. In particular, this describes equivariant formality for the canonical actions of these groups on moment angle complexes and the real counterpart. These spaces also admit canonical actions of the automorphism group of the underlying simplicial complex.

In this talk, I will introduce partial equivariant formality for cyclic group actions, and using the equivariant stable decomposition of polyhedral products,  I will describe these properties for the canonical cyclic actions on real moment angle complexes realized from the boundary of a polygon.