Welcome to the Princeton University Mathematics Department!

The Princeton University Mathematics Department is located in Fine Hall on Washington Road. Our administrative offices are located on the third floor, as is our Common Room, where Tea is held each afternoon at 3:30 while classes are in session. For the 2017-18 academic year, our department consists of 73 faculty members, 25 visitors and researchers, 8 emeritus faculty members in residence, 79 graduate students, and 70 undergraduate majors.

Seminars & Events

Monday, October 23

High frequency back reaction for the Einstein equations
Analysis Seminar
Speaker: Cécile Huneau, Grenoble
Location: Fine Hall 314
Mean estimation: median-of-means tournaments
PACM/Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Speaker: Gábor Lugosi, ICREA & Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Location: Fine Hall 214
Wrapped Fukaya categories and Functors
Joint PU/IAS Symplectic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Yuan Gao, Stony Brook University
Location: IAS Room S-101

Tuesday, October 24

Taylor Proudman columns: "rotation stabilizes the fluid around the 2D flow..."
Minerva mini-course
Speaker: Laure Saint-Raymond, Minerva Distinguished Visitor, Princeton University and Professor, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Location: Fine Hall 1201
Transcendence of period maps
Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Ben Bakker, University of Georgia
Location: Fine Hall 322
Elliptic curves of rank two and generalised Kato classes
Princeton University/IAS Number Theory Seminar
Speaker: Francesc Castella , Princeton University
Location: IAS Room S-101

Wednesday, October 25

TBA - Nicolas Garcia Trillos
Speaker: Nicolas Garcia Trillos, Brown University
Location: Fine Hall 224
TBA-Andrew Waldron
Differential Geometry & Geometric Analysis Seminar
Speaker: Andrew Waldron, UC Davis
Location: Fine Hall 314
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