Welcome to the Princeton University Mathematics Department!

The Princeton University Mathematics Department is located in Fine Hall on Washington Road. Our administrative offices are located on the third floor, as is our Common Room, where Tea is held each afternoon at 3:30 while classes are in session. For the 2016-7 academic year, our department consists of 74 faculty members, 17 visitors and researchers, 7 emeritus faculty members in residence, 62 graduate students, and 70 undergraduate majors.

Seminars & Events

Monday, February 27

Sampling Nodes and Constructing Expanders Locally
PACM/Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Speaker: Silvia Lattanzi, Google Research
Location: Fine Hall 214

Tuesday, February 28

The Normalized Volume of a Valuation
Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Harold Blum , University of Michigan
Location: Fine Hall 401
Episodes from Quantitative Topology: 3. Gromov-Hausdorff space and homeomorphisms
Minerva Lectures
Speaker: Shmuel Weinberger , University of Chicago
Location: McDonnell Hall A02

Wednesday, March 1

TBA - Stefan Karpinski
Speaker: Stefan Karpinski, Julia Computing
Location: Fine Hall 224
The isoperimetric problem for Lens spaces
Differential Geometry & Geometric Analysis Seminar
Speaker: Celso Viana , University College London
Location: Fine Hall 314

Thursday, March 2

Liouville sectors and local open-closed map
Symplectic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: John Pardon , Princeton University
Location: Fine Hall 214
An Algorithm for Hecke Operators
Algebraic Topology Seminar
Speaker: Mark McConnell, Princeton University
Location: Fine Hall 322
On a Slightly Compressible Water Wave
Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics
Speaker: Chenyun Luo , Johns Hopkins University
Location: Fine Hall 322
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