Placement for Students with Proof Background

Our math placement information for freshmen will be reviewed and updated in July 2017. We anticipate no big changes beyond minor adjustments based on the revised SAT exam and inclusion of recommendations based on ACT scores.

Students with a very strong Math background:

Some students enter with a very strong background in mathematics and/or physics, including rigorous proof-based courses or experience at the international mathematics or physics olympiads. If you might want to be a math major and/or you are interested in (further) proof-based courses, then you should most likely sign up for MAT216.  You can consult the math placement officer at freshman registration or send e-mail in advance to  It may be useful to  first take a careful look at the course information for the introductory proof-based courses aimed primarily at future math majors (MAT214, 215, 216, 217 and 218). 


Undergraduate Placement Officer