MAT INFO: 100-level Calculus Orientation

MAT INFO will run for the first time in the fall semester of 2019. Incoming students who would like to take a 100-level math course (MAT100, MAT103, MAT104 or MAT175) should sign up for MAT INFO at registration. Sections of MAT INFO will be offered at 9AM, at 10AM, at 11AM, and at 12:30PM, and will meet on Wednesday, September 11 and Friday, September 13. These two class sessions will consist of problem-solving workshops that showcase the norms and expectations in our 100-level mathematics courses, to help each student identify the appropriate level to enter the curriculum. Math department advisers will be available that week for consultation with individual students as they finalize their course selection. 

On Friday, September 13, student registration for MAT100, MAT103, MAT104 and MAT175 will open at 1:45PM, and students can then SWAP MAT INFO for the course they have selected. Additional placement adjustments are possible throughout the Drop/Add/Swap period, which ends on Tuesday, September 24.

Students who are likely to choose to start in MAT100 should select a section of MAT INFO that meets at 9AM or at 11AM. Students who are likely to choose MAT175 should select a section of MAT INFO that meets at 10AM, 11AM or 12:30PM.

Incoming students who opt to start calculus in MAT201 (Calculus III) will have an early diagnostic homework assignment to help them determine if MAT201 is the appropriate level. 


Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Administrator