MAT NFO1 and MAT NFO2: Calculus Orientation

MAT NFO1 and MAT NFO2 are classes designed to serve as both an aid to placement decisions and a review of material that students may have covered in an earlier class. Students who expect to take a 100-level math course (MAT100, MAT103, MAT104 or MAT175) should sign up for MAT NFO1 at registration. Students who expect to take MAT201 or MAT203 should sign up for MAT NFO2 at registration. Students who are deciding between MAT201 and MAT104 should register for MAT NFO2. Sections of both MAT NFO1 and MAT NFO2 will be offered at 8:30AM, 10AM, 11AM and 1:30PM.

MAT NFO1 and MAT NFO2 will meet on Wednesday, September 1. This class session will consist of problem-solving workshops that showcase the norms and expectations in our calculus courses, and are intended to help each student identify the appropriate level to enter the curriculum or review material they will have taken earlier. Math department advisers will be available that week for consultation with individual students as they finalize their course selection. 

On Wednesday, September 1 at 5 p.m., student registration for MAT100, MAT103, MAT104, MAT175, MAT201, and MAT203 will open; students can then SWAP MAT NFO1 or MAT NFO2 for the course they have selected. Additional placement adjustments are possible throughout the Drop/Add/Swap period.

We expect that MAT100 will meet MW 8:30-9:50 and MW 11:00-12:20, so students who are likely to need that course should select a session of MAT NFO1 that meets at one of those times. We expect that MAT175 will meet in three time slots: MW 8:30-9:50, MW 11:00-12:20 and MW 1:30-2:50. If you are planning to take MAT203, you should sign up for MAT NFO2 that meets either at 11:00 or at 1:30.

For MAT NFO1 and MAT NFO2, like the other multi-section calculus and linear algebra classes, students will sign up for a time, and not a particular section. At the end of freshman registration, students enrolled in the MAT NFO classes will be randomly assigned to a section that meets at their desired time; similarly, prior to the beginning of the second week of classes (Monday, September 6), students will be randomly assigned to a section of their selected MAT class that meets at their desired time.


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