Past Events


May 03

Luca Martinazzi, University of Padova

A new gluing phenomenon for metrics of prescribed Q-curvature in dimension 6
Fine Hall 401 / -
Apr 12

Jeffrey Case, The Pennsylvania State University

Boundary operators associated to the sigma_k-curvature
Fine Hall 1201 / -
Mar 29

Eric Bahuaud, Seattle University

Intrinsic characterization of asymptotically hyperbolic metrics and low regularity Poincare-Einstein metrics
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 15

Gianmarco Giovannardi, University of Bologna

A notion of area for immersed submanifolds in a sub-Riemannian geometry.
Fine Hall 401 / -
Mar 08

CANCELLED Robin Graham, University of Washington

CANCELLED Geodesic flow, X-ray transform, and boundary rigidity on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
Fine Hall 401 / -
Dec 07

Yu Wang, Northwestern University

Singular Structure of Stationary Yang-Mills Connections
Nov 30

Mohameden Ahmedou, Giessen University

The resonant boundary Q-curvature problem and boundary-weighted barycenters
Fine Hall 401 / -
Nov 20

Yannick Sire, ,John Hopkins University

Isoperimetric inequalities on surfaces
Fine Hall 224 / -
Nov 20

Paul Yang, Princeton University

CR invariant area functionals and the singular CR Yamabe solutions on the Heisenberg of H^{1}.
Fine Hall 224 / -
Sep 28

Yelin Ou, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Some recent work on conformal biharmonic maps
Fine Hall 401 / -