Past Events


Apr 22

Alessandro Giuliani, University of Rome

Long range order for lattice dipoles
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 17

P. Exner, Doppler Institute, Prague

Nontrivial coupling at quantum graph vertices obtained through squeezing of Dirichlet networks
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 15

Ilya Goldsheid, Queen Mary, University of London

Non-Hermitian Anderson model: Lyapunov exponents, eigenvalues, and eigenfunctions
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 08

E. Akkermans, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)

Photon localization and Dicke superradiance : a crossover to small world networks
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Apr 01

Y. Suhov, Cambridge University

Localisation in the Anderson tight binding model with several particles
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Mar 25

M. Loss, Georgia Institute of Technology

Minimizing the ground state energy of an electron in a randomly deformed lattice
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Mar 11

Detlev Buchholz, University of Göttingen

The Resolvent Algebra: A Novel Approach to Canonical Quantum Systems
Jadwin Hall 343 / -
Mar 04

Daniel Lenz, Chemnitz University of Technology

Generalized eigenfunctions and spectrum for Dirichlet forms
Jadwin Hall 343 / -