Past Events


Jul 24

John Pardon, Princeton University

Pontryagin--Thom for orbifold bordism
Jul 10

Peter Ozsváth, Princeton University

Knot Floer homology and bordered algebras
Jul 03


Infinite staircases and reflexive polygons
Jun 26

Ailsa Keating, University of Cambridge

Distinguishing monotone Lagrangians via holomorphic annuli
Jun 19

Igor Uljarevic, University of Belgrade

Exotic symplectomorphisms and contact circle action
May 22

Denis Auroux, Harvard University

Mirrors of curves and their Fukaya categories
May 15

Jo Nelson, Rice University

Reflections on Cylindrical Contact Homology
May 08

Marco Mazzucchelli, ENS de Lyon

Spectral characterizations of Besse and Zoll Reeb flows 
May 01

Alberto Abbondandolo, Ruhr-Universität Bochum 

Zoll contact forms are local maximisers of the systolic ratio
Apr 24

Lisa Traynor, Bryn Mawr College

The Geography of Immersed Lagrangian Fillings of Legendrian Submanifolds
Apr 17

Nicholas Wilkins, University of Bristol

Equivariant quantum operations and relations between them
Mar 02

Inbar Klang, Columbia University

Twisted Calabi-Yau algebras and categories
Fine Hall 224 / -
Feb 10

Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University

Floer homotopy without spectra
Fine Hall 224 / -
Dec 09

Ko Honda, UCLA

Convex hypersurface theory in higher-dimensional contact topology
Fine Hall 224 / -
Nov 18

Sylvain Courte, Grenoble Alpes University

Twisted generating functions and the nearby Lagrangian conjecture
Fine Hall 224 / -
Nov 11

Mike Usher, University of Georgia

Local rigidity and C^0 symplectic and contact topology
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Nov 04

Catherine Canizzo, Stony Brook University

Homological mirror symmetry for a complex genus 2 curve
Fine Hall 224 / -
Oct 28

Nikhil Savale, University of Cologne

Spectrum and abnormals in sub-Riemannian geometry: the 4D quasi-contact case
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Oct 21

Thomas Hockenhull, University of Glasgow

Koszul duality and Knot Floer homology
Fine Hall 224 / -
Oct 14

Richard Schwartz, Brown University

Inscribing Rectangles in Jordan Loops
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -
Oct 07

Agustín Moreno, University of Augsburg

Bourgeois contact structures: tightness, fillability and applications
IAS - Simonyi Hall Seminar Room SH-101 / -