Past Events


Apr 30

Mark McLean, Stony Brook University

Birational Calabi-Yau manifolds have the same small quantum products
IAS Room S-101 / -
Apr 23

Hansol Hong, Harvard University

Mirror spaces from formal deformation of Lagrangians and their gluing
IAS Room S-101 / -
Apr 16

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, Uppsala University

The wrapped Fukaya category of a Weinstein manifold is generated by the Lagrangian cocore discs
Fine Hall 322 / -
Apr 09

Paul Seidel, MIT / IAS

Fukaya categories of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
IAS Room S-101 / -
Apr 02

Yin Li, University College London

Generating the Fukaya categories via Koszul duality
Fine Hall 322 / -
Mar 26

Guangbo Xu, Princeton University

Open Quantum Kirwan Map
IAS Room S-101 / -
Mar 05

Chris Woodward, Rutgers University

Floer cohomology and Maslov flow
Fine Hall 322 / -
Feb 26

Kei Irie, Stony Brook University/RIMS, Kyoto University

Chain level loop bracket and pseudo-holomorphic disks
IAS Room S-101 / -
Feb 19

Dmitry Tonkonog, University of California, Berkeley

Quantum periods theorem for Landau-Ginzburg potentials
Fine Hall 322 / -
Feb 12

Weiwei Wu, University of Georgia

Critical toric surfaces and applications
Fine Hall 322 / -
Feb 05

Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University

Immersed Lagrangians near SYZ singular fibres
Fine Hall 322 / -
Dec 11

Lenny Ng, Duke University

Recent developments in knot contact homology
IAS Room S-101 / -
Nov 13

Li-Sheng Tseng, University of California at Irvine

Odd sphere bundles and symplectic manifolds
Fine Hall 224 / -
Nov 06

Zhengyi Zhou, UC Berkeley

Morse-Bott cohomology from homological perturbation
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 23

Yuan Gao, Stony Brook University

Wrapped Fukaya categories and Functors
IAS Room S-101 / -
Oct 16

Mohammad Farajzadeh Tehrani, Stony Brook University

Compactification of moduli spaces of J-holomorphic maps relative to snc divisors
Fine Hall 224 / -
Oct 09

Yoel Groman, Columbia University

Wrapped Floer theory and Homological mirror symmetry for toric Calabi-Yau manifolds
IAS Room S-101 / -