Summer Programs

Several mathematics majors choose to participate in the summer REU programs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) available across the country each year. For a list of such programs see these web sites:

The Mathematics Department supports a small number of mathematics majors for a summer research program amounting to a total of 8 weeks during the summer. This program is open to students who will be junior or senior mathematics majors during the following academic year; it is an opportunity not just to learn a body of mathematics but also to engage in some independent investigation.

A student wishing to participate must find a faculty member who agrees to supervise the program, and in consultation with the advisor must submit an outline of the proposed program to the Special Projects Manager, Scott Kenney, Fine 320, by March 3rd. Students will be notified by April 30 whether their applications are accepted.

From time to time the Mathematics Department has additional summer mathematics programs for undergraduates. These are announced on the Mathematics Department web page.