Senior Independent Work

Senior independent work consists of the senior thesis, written under the direction of a faculty member.

Several students each year choose to work on topics in applied mathematics, often supervised by faculty members from other departments, with the approval of the Advisors for Mathematics Majors. Majors are encouraged to talk to faculty members before senior year begins about possible topics, and about the arrangements and scheduling of the work. To help you start thinking about the possibilities, take a look at the senior thesis titles and advisors from 2012.

A supervisor and tentative topic should be in hand by the third week of senior year at the very latest. Students are required to submit to the Undergraduate Administrator a statement from their supervisor, agreeing to supervise the work and sketching the topic.

A preliminary report of progress on the thesis is to be submitted to the Undergraduate Administrator by the end of the third week of the second term of the senior year. The advisor and second reader should have completed copies of the thesis to read at least two weeks before the final departmental examinations. In addition to these copies it is advisable to have a spare copy on hand just in case of some need.

Two copies of the thesis must be provided to the Undergraduate Administrator, one unbound copy for microfilming and one bound copy for the University archives. There are no particular format requirements for senior theses in mathematics.