• The Common Room on the third floor of Fine Hall is the informal center of life in the Department.  Afternoon tea is available every weekday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:00.  It is a convenient place for informal conversations with faculty, students and visitors during the day.
  • Mailboxes for mathematics majors are in the entry lobby of Fine Hall.  Students should check them regularly for important announcements and other helpful information.
  • Mathematics Majors are given access to Fine Hall 24 hours/7 days with your Princeton University ID card, to ensure access to the common room and study areas at all times.  
  • The Mathematics Library is accessible from the L-level of Fine Hall (or the A-level of Jadwin Hall), and it has a superb collection of books and journals in mathematics, with quite limited check-out so that these resources and additional study areas should generally be available when needed.