All courses in Fall 2015

Rigorous and intensive treatment of standard topics from algebra and trigonometry as a preparation for further courses in calculus or statistics. Fulfills the QR requirement. Fall Only.
First semester of the standard 3-semester calculus sequence 103/104/201. Every spring about half of the students from this course continue the sequence with 104. Others continue with 175.
Second semester of the standard 3-semester calculus sequence 103/104/201 for science, engineering and finance. Topics include techniques and applications of integration, convergence of infinite series and improper integrals, Taylor's theorem, introduction to differential equations and complex numbers. Emphasizes concrete computations over more theoretical considerations. Offered both Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: MAT103 or equivalent.
Survey of topics from multivariable calculus as preparation for future course work in economics or life sciences. Topics include basic techniques of integration, average value, vectors, partial derivatives, gradient, optimization of multivariable functions and constrained optimization with Lagrange multipliers. Although examples from economics and biology will be used freely, the main focus is on the underlying mathematics. Offered Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: MAT103 or equivalent.
Linear Algebra, mostly in real n-space. Companion course to 201. Main topics are matrices, linear transformations, linear independence and dimension, bases and coordinates, determinants, orthogonal projection, least squares, eigenvalues, eigenvectors and their applications to quadratic forms and dynamical systems. Offered Fall and Spring.
Topics to be covered include: differentiation and integration in multiple dimensions; smooth manifolds; vector fields and differential forms; Stokes' theorem; de Rham cohomology; Frobenius' theorem on integrability of plane fields. This course will serve as a preparation for advanced courses in differential geometry and topology.