Course MAT307 in Fall 2011

Combinatorial Mathematics

 (Renumbered as MAT377 beginning in AY 2012-13)

This course introduces students to Combinatorics, a fundamental mathematical discipline as well as an essential component of many mathematical areas. While in the past many of the basic combinatorial results were obtained by ingenuity and detailed reasoning, modern theory has grown out of this early stage and relies on deep, well-developed tools.


The course covers over a dozen virtually independent topics showcasing the gems of modern Combinatorics, including Ramsey Theory, Turan Theorem and Extremal Graph Theory, Probabilistic Arguments, Algebraic Methods and Spectral Techniques.

Placement and Prerequisites:

MAT 323 or permission of the instructor.


There will be weekly homework/problem sets which will account for 50% of the final course grade.

Take Home Final Exam - 50%