Course MAT218

Accelerated Honors Analysis II

Continues the rigorous theoretical introduction to analysis in several variables, including basic linear algebra, begun in MAT216. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Real analytic mappings and series, power series, Dirichlet series, Stone-Weierstrass theorem
  • Vector spaces, bilinear functions, endomorphisms, minimal and characteristic polynomials
  • Geometry of mappings between n-dimensional real vector spaces, inverse mapping theorem, implicit functions, rank theorem, submanifolds and manifolds
  • Riemann integral, integration over Jordan domains, Fubini's theorem, limits and improper integrals, change of variables
  • line integrals, differential forms, Stokes's Theorem in general dimensions
Description of classes

Classes usually meet on Tuesday and Thursday for 90 minutes.

Includes popular, but optional, weekly problem sessions with undergraduate and graduate course assistants.

Who Takes This Course
  • prospective math majors continuing from MAT216 in fall
Placement and Prerequisites

Not recommended for students who did not take MAT216 in fall.