Prizes and Honors Awarded June 4, 2012


The George B. Covington Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to Xue Liu and Shotaro Makisumi for excellence in mathematics.

The Middleton Miller ’29 Prize has been awarded to Edgar Dobriban, Oleg Lazarev and Chuen-Ming Mike Wong for the best independent work in mathematics.

The Peter A. Greenberg ’77 Prize has been awarded to Hyungjune Kang and Evan Brooks Warner for outstanding accomplishments in mathematics.

The Andrew H. Brown Prize has been awarded to Matthew Carl Superdock ’13 for outstanding junior in mathematics.

The Class of 1861 Prize has been awarded to Qiuyi Zhang ’14 for the sophomore who makes the best record on the Putnam Examination.

Sigma Xi Book Award for Outstanding Research has been awarded to Oleg Lazarev.


Highest Honors High Honors Honors
Edgar Dobriban Joseph Ford Hughes Ania Ariadna Baetica
Hyungjune Kang Erick Phillip Knight Peter Neale Breen
Oleg Lazarev Lucas Manuelli Rafael Yonah Grinberg
Xue Liu Tengyao Wang Alexander Dylan Kraus
Shotaro Makisumi Chuen-Ming Mike Wong Alexander Simon Leaf
Rik Sengupta   Krishnan Mody
Evan Brooks Warner