Seminars & Events for Special Lecture

December 11, 2012
2:45pm - 4:00pm
(1) Quantum Beauty; (2) Beauty in Mathematics

1)  Does the world embody beautiful ideas?  That is a question that people have thought about for a long time. Pythagoras and Plato intuited that the world should embody beautiful ideas;  Newton and Maxwell demonstrated how the world could embody beautiful ideas, in specific impressive cases. Finally in the 20th century in modern physics, and especially in quantum physics, we find a definitive answer: Yes! -- The world does embody beautiful ideas.  I’ll present the intellectual history, bringing in relevant artistic images, and discuss how esthetic considerations continue to guide our search for ultimate physical laws.    2)  TBA

Speaker: Frank Wilczek, MIT; Enrico Bombieri, Professor Emeritus, IAS,
IAS Room S-101
April 22, 2013
8:00pm - 9:30pm
Louis Clark Vanuxem Public Lecture: Juggling Mathematics and Magic

The mystery of magic and the art of juggling have surprising links to interesting ideas from mathematics. In this talk, Professor Graham will illustrate some of these connections.  About the speaker: Ronald Graham, Irwin and Joan Jacobs Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD, is a past president of both the Mathematical Association of America and the International Juggler’s Association.  This event is cosponsored by the Mathematics Department and the Louis Clark Vanuxem Lecture Series.   For further information on this and other lectures in the series, please visit

Speaker: Professor Ronald Graham, Mathematician and Juggler, UCSD
McCosh 50